HotShiz, What is it?

HotShiz, What is it?


What is it? Does it sounds kind of gross? Why would you want to drink that you might ask yourself.

Wrap your head around this.  When someone says "HOLY SHIZ" is it a bad thing, or is it exciting?  Was it something that you were glad you saw or experienced?  When someone says "HOT DAMN" are they excited and getting ready to tear into something never looking back?

When I hear "HOT SHIZ" it's exciting, it's something to engage in.  It's a bike, car, truck, UTV, jeep, or etc that you have to double take or take a picture of (Pictures never do them justice BTW). It's a feeling of accomplishment whether you're doing your own work, or you've had someone put your vision together.  It's exciting to see it for the first time as well as every time you open your garage door and see that Jewel!

With Hotshiz Drinks, it's when you brew that cup of coffee that's some of the best you've ever had, yet it's in your home, out camping, at the racetrack, on the road, and at a price you can afford every day.  It's not only coffee, it's our teas and cocoas as well.  We've sourced the highest quality products we could find and offer them at a really great price. Why settle for less? Aren't you tired of not having quality drinks all the time? There's no reason to go without.

Give us a shot and I'd be willing to bet that you will join our customers in stating they are some of the best hot drinks they've had. If you're not sure, try the Sampler pack it includes all the coffees including the Espresso (which makes an excellent drip. If tea is your thing, the Blueberry Matcha is amazing or if you're new the tea scene. It's also never been easier to rock the HotShiz brand with the current BOGO50 deal.

Give them a try and see for yourself!

The HotShiz Crew!

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I’ve tried 2 of the coffee’s and the Cocoa with Marshmallows. They were all amazing. I ended up putting some of the cocoa in the coffee 😍.


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